lazy loader/Infinite Scroll Pagination Using Laravel & jScroll – Laraget

Instead of having to click a link to get to the next set of content, infinite scrolling (also known as lazy loading, endless scrolling, autopager, endless pages, etc.) pulls the next content automatically into view when the reader approaches the bottom of the page.

If you want to implement infinite scroll pagination using Laravel, get the jScroll (a jQuery plugin written by Philip Klauzinski) include in page.

Add this code in your page


<\script type=”text/javascript”>
// jquery.jscroll.js using for auto scroll
$(function() {
autoTrigger: true,
autoTriggerUntil: false,
loadingHtml: ‘<img class=”center-block” src=”‘+base_url+’/img/loading.gif” alt=”Loading…” />’,
padding: 0,
nextSelector: ‘.pagination + li a’,
contentSelector: ‘div.infinite-scroll’,
callback: function() {

Also apply “infinite-scroll” class on the foreach loop

<\div class=”infinite-scroll”>
@foreach ($products as $item)
— —




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