for 3+ experience

How session data is store on server
session expire time
chache expire time
set session time
what is data base collection, utf8_genral_ci, uf8_md
array sum
delete some key value from array.. last .. 2nd last.. with function without function
adding any string in array..end


N’th height sallary if some values are same in table sallary collom
$a=’1′, $b=2
if i remove last i++ from “for” loop, than how many time for loop will run
find april data entry from table if date is added in “Y-m-d h:i:s” formate.. with month function and without month function
what route do in laravel
if you want to redirect admin or user module.. how route will set


what is jQuery
right join real life example
any in sql

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